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Choose Employees Like You’re Planning on Climbing Mt. Everest

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A few weeks ago the crew and I from Behind the Brand made a road trip from LA and headed up North just past San Francisco to the little town of Petaluma in Sonoma County to visit the team from CamelBak. We explored CamelBak’s corporate headquarters and learned all about how they do marketing from CMO, Chris […]

10 Ways to Run Your Biz Like a Fitness Bootcamp to Get it in Shape

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I recently went Behind the Brand with the team from Athletic Recon, a performance apparel brand for the modern athlete. They took me to school on fitness and how to train and shared some of their best biz tips and strategies. Their CEO, Ryan Heuser is the real deal and this isn’t his first rodeo. […]

The Video Marketing Playbook online course

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4-Week Online     Video Branding & Content Marketing Bootcamp Normal value: $10,000 ($2,500 per session x4) Your cost: $99 />—————————– What you’ll learn: How to Captivate Your Audience: Hook your viewers from the start of your video to keep them watching longer. How to create Calls to Action: Direct viewers during the video to take actions […]

7 Key Ingredients to a Successful Biz from Chef Duff Goldman

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7 Key Ingredients to a Successful Biz from Chef Duff Goldman

You probably know chef Duff Goldman from his very successful cake show, Ace of Cakes and irreverent style as one of The Food Network’s biggest stars. But you may not know about Duff’s humble beginnings as a creative but troubled youth looking for an outlet for his talents. Watch this episode and get Behind the […]

Why I Launched a Video Production Company–And You Should Too

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It was 2007 and after years of working at the studios in Hollywood and consulting on various digital projects, I finally had the guts to leave a cushy full-time corporate brand marketing job to launch my video production company. I was energized by the fact that for the first time in history the playing field […]